Monday, May 18, 2015

Court appointment tomorrow

Just wanted to post a quick update that we are finally heading to court tomorrow, May 19th at 10:30am.  We arrived in Odessa this afternoon around 1:30pm after 24 hours of travel.  We survived our 9 hour layover in Newark and the long plane journey and were very happy to get off the plane.  We are blessed to be staying with our friend, Laura, in Odessa.  Tomorrow morning we will get up early to meet our facilitator and drive 3 hours to Balta for court.  Many of you were praying with us a few weeks ago regarding a judge.  In Balta, there are 4 judges who do the adoption courts.  The judge you are assigned is chosen by lottery.  Unfortunately, we matched with a judge who was busy the week of May 3rd and leaving town on May 9th for 2-3 weeks.  He wasn't willing to work us in before he left town.  So our facilitator chose to reapply for a different judge.  This was a risky decision. When we reapply we go back into the lottery system and could be reassigned to the same judge who might be angry with us and give us a hard time at court.  On Thursday, May 7th we found out we were reassigned a new judge who gave us May 19th as an appointment.  So tomorrow is the big day!
We covet your prayers as we go to court.  Hopefully, tomorrow when we post we will be able to announce our new son!  Because I keep dozing off at the computer as I'm typing...I'll sign off for now.  Thank you for praying with us!

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