Thursday, June 18, 2015

A curve ball

Today we received some potentially good news, which was an answer to prayer in a direction we hadn't considered.  (curve ball - when God answers a prayer in an unexpected way)  Our facilitator told us that there is a chance we can bypass having to get a new court decree or addendum to obtain Isaac's birth certificate.  They are working with an office in Kiev to see if the birth certificate can be printed there instead.  This would be a huge answer to prayer.  Please pray that God would move the heart of the worker in Kiev to be willing to do this for us.  She is hesitant and keeps putting off our facilitators.  The earliest she could do it is Saturday, but it may not happen until Tuesday or Wednesday.  We are hoping and praying for Saturday.

We have had some fun adventures the past couple days.  On Wednesday we went to the Dolphinarium and saw a wonderful show with dolphins, seals and sea lions.

Today we were blessed to be able to go and observe and participate in the boys camp for a few hours.  Such a transformation has occurred on this property since Jim and I first saw it in May!  So many fun, engaging activities for the boys to participate in.  Isaac and Josiah absolutely loved being there and it was a blessing to me to see the work that God is doing through the Nasledie ministry.  There are about 60-70 boys from different orphanages and troubled homes at the camp this week.  Each day they hear the gospel preached to them, have 3 nutritious meals, play and build and shoot and swim and drive old cars…and get loved on by godly male counselors.

 Obstacle course
 This is really cool!  The boys are building these cars in teams and will race them tomorrow.

 There are about 10-15 bikes available for the campers to ride.  

 More of the obstacle course

 Shooting guns!

 Isaac loved riding bikes!

 This is a station where the boys can build whatever their imagination can dream up.

A bonfire!  It may be over 100 degrees at home, but in Odessa today it was 60 and chilly!
 A view of the sleeping tents and bathrooms now that the fence is added.

 They are building bleachers in the meeting tent so now it will hold all the campers!

 Play area, including a swimming pool

 Carpet ball and ping pong


 The dining hall and wash station.  (notice how well the cloths have been stapled to the tables)

 While the boys played, Laura and I sorted through donations someone gave to the camp today.

This car was donated by one of the builders.  Each day he sits in the passenger seat and allows the boys to take turns driving it around a course on the camp.  Josiah, Isaac, Laura, and I got to drive it too!
Let me just say, that although Isaac may be 14, there is no possible way he will be getting his license in 2 years!  Oi!

For the rest of the summer, different orphanages will be sending their children for a week at Camp Lela.  
It truly has become haven for love and adventure!

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