Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning - Ps. 30:5

Even though it's past 11pm here in Ukraine, I couldn't go to sleep tonight without taking a few minutes to update you all.  First and foremost my heart is overwhelmed at the encouragement from friends and family today.  Thank you, dear ones for taking time to share a word or encouragement and for carrying us to the Father in prayer.  The enemy worked doubly hard yesterday to steal my joy and plant seeds of doubt and discouragement.  I know that it is a direct result of so many praying that tonight, although circumstance have not changed much, my heart is at rest.  Once again I am trusting my Savior, joy has been restored.

Jim spoke with David Wiggins this morning, on the Costa Rica team and found out that Ashley was switched to a stronger antibiotic at the hospital last night.  She could not keep the first dose down, but since then has tolerated two more doses.  When they spoke, she was back at their lodging place and sleeping.  David's wife, Lisa, was staying with Ashley today as the rest of the team headed out to do VBS.  I hope to hear an update soon on how she is feeling.  Apparently, there is a good American hospital there that they took her to, so I was relieved to hear that.  Please pray that as she heals, she will be able to trust God's timing for this illness on her trip and offer "a sacrifice of praise."

Today, I met 3 other adopting moms and their children to go to church.  Church was all in Ukrainian, but one of the moms had a missionary friend there who sat with us and interpreted.  We attended the youth service of this large church (it actually wasn't a Calvary Chapel) and Josiah and Isaac enjoyed it.
After church we went to Dominoe's for lunch.  Yes!  Dominoe's Pizza!  Right here in Ukraine!

Each of these moms are adopting two children each.  It was a great encouragement to me to spend time with other adopting parents and realize we share a lot of the same struggles in dealing with Ukraine.  I also realized, that while Isaac has his challenges…I have A LOT to be thankful for.

Later, my new friend, Monique, and I went to a large mall that has roller skating, ice skating, bumper cars, bowling, and an arcade.  The boys loved it!

Today I was made deeply aware of the work God is doing in the heart of my boys.  Josiah said to me at one point, "Mom, we really have a lot to be thankful for about being here."  I asked him to tell me what those things were.  He said, "We are making new friends, we are meeting other adopting families, we are learning more about Ukraine, and we are learning to trust God more."  The faith and wisdom of a child!  This morning, when I was crying about Ashley's illness, Isaac was very sensitive to my sorrow and sympathized with me.  He was very ready to pray for her when I suggested to them that we pray before we left for church.  Later, when we had an update from Jim he was the first to say, "Oh, thank you, Jesus (pronounced, Hasuuz), thank you Jesus!  Yes?  Mama?  Thank you, Jesus?"  "Yes, Issac,  thank you Jesus!"

After one friend's reminder on FB that I had entitled our blog, "Glorious Unfolding," I began to think about the word, "unfolding."  Unfolding means to develop or expand in a careful, systematic exposition.  It's a picture of slowly telling and expanding a story.  God has been slowly expanding and developing His story in our lives and as He does so, He has been refining us and increasing our faith.  It's too bad I didn't name the blog, "Glorious Explosion."

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